Views on Scrum meetings and research

Recently on SPaMcast we talked about my views on Scrum meetings.

the way I see Scrum like most documentation out there is to gather information fast, determine barriers and determine who can help remove them to keep things progressing. The should not be long or go into any extensive details.

Now before the meeting would be with just people in a co-located team. This would make it easy to get the information and work through the tasks. Now teams are spread around the world and it can still be done, it is information sharing.

Unfortunately most Scrum meetings that I have attended turn into story pointing, Story definition, discussing solutions or possible solutions. Doing this then takes a meeting that should be around 10 minutes long to be over an hour and usually nothing comes out of it,

The value of Scrum is to have the team on the same page and help each other out to get the work done. Once the team leaves that path and starts going down another it will start to waste others time and the value is then lost.

There has been some rumblings of getting rid of Scrum altogether and move on to something else. So far I haven’t heard of any viable solution. I think it is just needed to get back to the basics and run the meetings as they are intended. Then allow the team to get on the same page and work together, with the appropriate teammates, on any barriers that come up.

Now on to the second part of my blog. As some of you know, about 6 years ago I completed my MBA and had to do a major research project. I took the data from two previous research and created based on perception and knowledge between Testing and Business.

When I completed the paper my goal was to revisit it and conduct my own research on the matter and gather data to analyze. See when you take the data from two separate sources there is a bit of work to make the data connect and since they are coming from two separate groups it is difficult to see a correlation. With that, I have combined the questions, with some updates, so that the source would be consistent and would give a true interpretation of the results.

I would ask my readers to go to my Google forms and answer the survey. I am also added additional questions to follow up on a separate column that was done and dig deeper in what they provided as an outcome.

If you can share the link as well that would be great. I am promising everyone that participates they will get a copy of the report and the outcomes when completed.

I am looking for participants from all levels within an organization, from an analyst to C-suite. All views are important and would provide some great data that would be useful to a lot of organizations.


Consistency and determination

As most of you know I am heavily involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For the past 11 plus years I have been training and competing in the art. In one of my most recent posts I talked about how one week at a tournament opened my eyes to how I am personally and professionally.

This past weekend was the start of my next chapter in this art and it made me think more about previous conversations I had on SPaMCast about careers and how individuals should approach their careers. This weekend I got my Black Belt, which is my second one. I have a 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. The difference between the 2 is the TKD first degree took me under two years to get, which is about average for that art. The time and dedication for Jiu Jitsu made this weekend’s promotion so sweet.

Just like progressing in your career when you get the goal you have been aspiring to is such a great feeling. The time to learn something new, the learning from decisions along the way and some sacrifices you made to get to were you want to be makes it so rewarding.

When it happened a flood of emotions took over. I felt on top of the word. After the belt was put around my waist I addressed the other students and said they are lucky to be doing what they are doing. They are on a journey that has great rewards along the way, and that those rewards are what they make of them. Nobody else.

Much like a career, nobody but you have the say in what can or cannot be achieved. Keep pushing and striving to be the best at what you do. Do not compare yourself to others as that will get you no where.

Great things can happen when you work hard and remain consistent.