Minimum Viable Product: A great concept. Develop just enough of a feature that can be used by clients and provide value while the teams add more functionality incrementally. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately there are people that see MVP as a big shinny box with a ribbon on it and not smaller boxes over a longer period of time. I feel it has roots from old Waterfall thinking. 

“Let’s go in big bang.”

“I want everything to work as I wanted.”

I would be great to get everything all at once in the time that it is requested. Unfortunately it never really worked out all that well when Waterfall was king. There is plenty of documentation out there that shows empirically that a lot of what was asked tends to go unused when deployed in a big bang fashion.

I won’t get into all the delays and painful meetings over change requests. I am twitching now just the thought of all I went through early in my career.

I am not sure why people want to have the big shinny box when there is actually more value in the small ones. We know what our customers want now, and unfortunately minds change over time. Especially if they have to wait a while for a product. 

Think of it this way. As a former personal trainer one of the things I told clients was to eat more small meals throughout the day and not 3 big meals. The body functions better when there is a constant flow of calories then a big influx. 

Clients are the same way. Give them small amounts of value and gather feedback to improve upon. That way there they get something they want faster and will continue to use it down the road. 


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