It has been a week since I got back home from an amazing week at QUEST in San Antonio. The conference had great discussions and sessions where ideas were shared.

Being identified as a Thought Leader and working through the Managers workshop was a little surreal. As some my readers know I am not one to pat myself on the back. I like to help and work with others with taking no credit, I like to hide in the shadows. During the week I had a lot of people come up to me and ask for advice or ideas to help them. It was such a great feeling to have people coming up to me and having thoughtful discussions on anything QA. There were times some of the conversations were on leadership issues as well.

As with any conference there was a lot of information passed around and there were a couple of things I made specifically sure I followed up on more: Team building tasks and AI.

Team building tasks are always welcomed. As any leader knows there is no one way to get a team to gel and provide the best work possible. The more tools we have in our tool box the more we can be effective with what we do with our teams. I provided some suggestions to some individuals there on what they could do and they were very appreciative that I was approachable.

AI is the next big thing and we need to get out on that wave to make our lives a little easier. The discussions I attended talking about it gave me some great ideas to bring into my organization and to add more topics into my writings (Blog and Book). I look forward to learning more about it and providing my spin on it.

Last but not least the one special thing I love about going to QUEST is seeing old friends from all over the world from previous conferences and meeting new ones. My kids got a little jealous that I met a few people that work on Pokemon games and sites. The outings and other social events helped bring people out of their daily routines and forget for a little while the stresses of work.

I’m looking forward to sending in my proposals for sessions next year. Again thanks goes out to everyone involved in the conference you guys did a great job.


2 thoughts on “Post QUEST 2018

  1. Jeremy –

    I am so sorry I couldn’t attend QUEST this year and I missed seeing you. Reconnecting with my QA colleagues is always something I look forward to as well. Hopefully, I will see you at next year’s conference. Wishing you well my friend.

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