In my End of the year blog – 2017 , I mentioned I was going to do some changes to this site. Life and the holidays definitely got in the way. Regardless I have started to make the changes I want to improve my message going out and to make it a more enjoyable site for you.

Now I will say the changes will be iterative as I get back into the web development mode and blaze a new trail, actually get rid of the brush that covered the trail I went down all those years ago.

One of the changes you will see is the web address. Gone is the generic Word Press name and now it is I am really excited about this as I hope to get more people to come in and join the conversation. As I write this, I have been told the link might be wonky for the next three days as it is getting set up. As a QA person I did do a quick check and it works, there might be intermittent outages.

The other cool thing that is happening now is I have actually put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard, on my book. This is something I have been planning to do for the past three years, and now I am taking the leap to make it a reality. I intend on using conversations I have during my sections in the SPaMcast podcast, my blogs, my talks at conferences and reading others views. I have not given myself a deadline, yet, on when I will be done. My hope is that by the spring I will have a good amount of work done that I can have discussions with a publisher to get that ball rolling.

I cannot that you for your support as you read my views on issues, concerns and views of the QA. All I can ask is to pass the word and share your views with what I discuss. By all means disagree with me and show another side to what I wrote. I will never call myself and expert or a know it all. My main goal is to foster conversation so that we all improve this great and needed discipline.




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