Sort of a follow up from Giving team freedom (within limits)

Trust is something that should not be handed out willy nilly. It is something that is very important and in the workplace is one of the components that improves employee satisfaction. There is plenty of literature out that that will talk about how to be a great leader within a team and most of them will touch on trusting those within the team in some shape or form.

Here is one of the issues that comes with leading teams, if you are new to the team it is difficult to let the team go ahead and continue to work without getting more involved than what you should be. It only makes sense, you will need to know how things work and see where improvements can happen. Now the real trick is, when to stop hovering.

I have yet to encounter someone that likes to be micromanaged. It is not a great feeling and tends to choke off potential innovation within the organization.  People like to be given direction with the allowance of letting them decide how to get there. This leads to the next tricky part, how much freedom do you give them?

One of my mantras is “Trust is a two way street, it is earn not given”. As a leader you have to let the team go and do things while letting them know that you will be paying attention from a far. They also need to understand that decisions made come from multiple sources and that they are not made just to make a decision. Teams should also have trust in what you  as a leader is doing. How do you build that trust? Ask for feedback, and not just at the end, when the decision is made. Go to the team and let them in on what is coming down and what direction you are thinking of going. Now keep in mind I do understand there might be times where, you as a leader cannot do that, I have been in that scenario a few times. In those scenarios I find it best to let the team know what is going on as soon as you are able to do so. Give them the “Why” things happened the way they did, “How” it all came about and “What” you are doing to help the team through it. This is the basic principle of Golden Circle, this is how you will help get that trust while you are also given them trust as well.





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